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Plant upkeep


You have just received your first Pet Tree. You have opened the wrapping and are now getting to know and enjoy your brand new lovely friend. Just as any other living being, it needs care and attention. You don't have to be an expert on gardening in order to learn how to sustain life in the mini-container. If you are careful and don't forget about your friend, it will grow right before your eyes and will eventually take its well-deserved place among the other flowerpots.


Just follow a few simple steps and your mini-flower will flourish.


Do's and Don'ts

Pet Tree


Your mini-flower needs water. Be careful with the quantity, because excessive watering can destroy it or make it grow faster, reducing the capsule time. You should water it according to the requirements in the site, as well as considering the environment it lives in. If you notice that it grows too fast, you can extend the period in between waterings. Each plant is individual and has its peculiarities.


Watering - put the capsule bottom in a shallow container filled with water (1 cm.) for a period of 30 seconds to 2-3 minutes. Observe how the soil (the moss) absorbs water - quickly or slowly.


Pet Trees love sunshine - the more, the better. When you are at work or at home, put your capsule in a sunny or well-lighted place. The sun helpes the small flowers. Nevertheless, you shouldn't expose them to direct sunlight during the hot summer days. Keep them warm - low temperatures can cause serious damage.

When the time comes

If you have been careful and took good care of your Pet Tree, after a certain period of time you can place it next to the other flowerpots in your home. When you notice that the capsule has become too small for it, then it's time to set it free. Choose a suitable small flowerpot, open the capsule and plant your grown-up friend in its new home.