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Is it true?


Pet Tree като аксесоар за телефониFlowers give us bursts of positive energy and can make any place they are at feel like home. Unfortunately, we cannot take our favourite cactus plant or Chinese rose everywhere we go.


Luckily, that is no longer true! Now you can have people's favourites all over the world - the miniature flowers called Pet Tree.


Pet Tree като ключодържател

The Pet Tree Fashion (Mini Plants, Mini Garden, etc.) originated in Japan just a few years ago. Today, the miniature living flowers, that you can put on your key chain, mobile phone or rear-view mirror, are becoming more and more popular.


Your  Pet Tree!


Now you can present your loved ones and yourself with this adorable gift - you can choose among a great variety of kinds of small flowers. They are also an excellent gift for your children. They will love their new friend, take good care of it, and if they are careful, they will be glad to see it grow bigger and stronger, just as they do.


There is a risk, of course - these are living flowers and they require certain care! They need sun and careful watering. If you take good care of them, they can stay on your key chain for three to eight months and be a feast for your eyes. After that you can plant them in a flowerpot and enjoy their exotic beauty.

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